Mathias Kiwanuka. (Photo: Facebook/Mathias Kiwanuka)

As the Patriots and the Giants prepare to battle it out Sunday, everyone is talking about the quarterbacks and whose game strategy will prevail. Our eyes are on the #94 for the Giants. He is an outside linebacker named Mathias Kiwanuka. He grew up in Indianapolis, site of this year's Super Bowl, but his family is from Africa. In fact, his grandfather was the first prime minister of the landlocked East African country we are looking for. Uganda is the answer to the Geo Quiz. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Sam Borden, New York Times sportswriter, about Kiwanuka and his grandfather Benedicto Kiwanuka who was Uganda's first prime minister and later came into conflict with, and was eventually killed by dictator Idi Amin's troops.

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