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iPhone, Android or Blackberry: Your smartphone and your sex life


A model displays Japanese electronics giant Sony's new Android OS-based multimedia player 'Walkman Z series', equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra2 processor and a 4.3-inch LCD display with Google's Android 2.3 OS in Tokyo on September 13, 2011.



Android users are tramps, while Blackberry users are drunks.

These are — in a nutshell —the findings of a online survey conducted with 1,068 Canadian singles from Oct. 13 to 15.

Alright, so perhaps the findings were not quite as harsh, but they did reveal that Canadian singles who use Android phones are more likely to have sex on a first date and partake in one-night stands, compared to those who own other types of smartphones, Postmedia News reports.

What the survey didn’t mention is whether Android users get invited on second dates, or if they always follow Google’s informal motto ‘Do be evil’ during one-night stands.

The polling firm Zoomerang conducted the survey for the dating website and found 62 percent of the surveyed singles who use Android devices have had sex on a first date, compared with 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of BlackBerry users. At 55 percent, Android users also were the most likely to have one-night stands and — at a whopping 72 percent — were the most active visitors of dating websites.

BlackBerry users — at 72 per cent — were the most likely to drink alcohol on a first date. (Because their BlackBerry service was down?)

Those with an iPhone were most likely to date a co-worker, with nearly a quarter of questioned “iSingles” saying they've had a workplace romance within the last five years. (No word whether the “romance” had to be with an actual human, or if gazing adoringly at a cardboard mock up of one of Apple’s newest gadgets also counts.) said in release that social networking and online dating made our love lives and our digital lives even more intertwined and graciously offered a few tips about successful dating in this high-tech environment:

- Don't get distracted by your cell phone while on a date (This arguably doesn’t apply to Blackberry users since their service will most probably be down anyway. Or they will be drunk. Possibly both.)

- Don't be too quick to make your new love interest a Facebook friend (You hear that Android users? Make a Google+ circle for “one-night stands” instead) 

- Don't use a social network to introduce your new mate to friends and family (Unless, of course, you want to aggravate your ex, then it works great, regardless of what smartphone you use)

- And sometimes actually call the person rather than sending email or texts (If you can’t find the “call function,” iPhone users, just use a GPS app to find a pay phone.)