Mayra Andrade is often compared to the late, great singer Cesária Ã?vora. She's certainly one of Cape Verde's brightest musical stars with a voice that sounds like steel swaddled in soft cotton. The World's Alex Gallafent profiles Mayra Andrade, a young singer from Cape Verde who's been compared to the late, great Cesária Ã?vora. Andrade holds Evoria in great esteem, but she's definitely her own artist. Listen above for some really beautiful music and for the answers to these three Mayra Andrade trivia questions. Why does Mayra Andrade carry a dinner knife and a length of metal wherever she goes? (It's not for eating.) Who was her musical mentor in Cape Verde? (It wasn't Cesária Ã?vora.) Which part of her own body does she want people to access through her music? (It's not her head.)

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