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Rockets fired at Pakistan military academy, near bin Laden's compound


Pakistan's elite military academy was hit by nine rockets on Friday, just miles from the infamous Osama bin Laden compound.



Rockets were fired at the elite Pakistan Military Academy Kakul on Friday, close to the compound where Osama bin Laden was found and killed in Abottabad, CNN reported.

Fired by unidentified assailants, the rockets damaged a wall in the academy, but didn’t cause any casualties. Nine rockets were fired from the mountains southeast of the academy, senior police official Hussain Shah told CNN. No group has claimed responsibility yet.

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“Some exploded, some did not,” Khalid Khan Umarzai, commissioner of Abottabad division said, The New York Times reported. “There was no loss of life.”

The attack came in the early hours of the morning, right after a visit by Pakistan’s most senior army official, General Ashfaq Kayani, the Daily Telegraph reported. Kayani met with senior officers from Pakistan’s Frontier Force Regiment on Thursday.

Abottabad was founded by the British colonial administration during the 1800s and was a quiet town until last May, when US Navy SEALs raided the compound that bin Laden was hiding in, and killed him. Since then relations between Pakistan and the United States have been strained.

The military academy, considered to be the West Point of Pakistan, was criticized following the raid last year, with some questioning how bin Laden managed to live undetected so close to it, CNN reported. The academy also failed to detect the American helicopters that flew into its town on May 2 before bin Laden was killed.

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