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London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony


The Olympics park today. Six months from today it will not be so dark. Danny Boyle's opening ceremony promises to light up the sky.



Danny Boyle is a hot, hot film and stage director - think Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours - but he is taking a break to stage the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics this summer.

His plans were announced today - think William Shakespeare and The Tempest with soundtrack by Underworld.

"The isle is full of noises

  Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not."

Boyle told reporters he wasn't looking to match Beijing's opening ceremony for scale and spectacle. The economic times don't permit it. He hopes to emulate the success of the Sydney opening ceremonies in 2000.

"You are standing on the shoulders of giants when you do this job," Boyle said. "The scale of Beijing was breathtaking and the beauty of Athens is very inspiring. But I have to say that Sydney is something that has inspired us because it got the feel of a people's Games right,"

Many of the performers will be from the boroughs where the Olympic park is located.  These are some of the poorest parts of Britain.  There will also be nurses and other staff from the National Health Service performing.  Yes, that is a political gesture by Boyle.

Opening night is July 27th, a mere six months from now.