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Charles Taylor, former Liberian president, not a CIA agent after all (VIDEO)


Charles Taylor, former Liberian president, sits at the International Criminal Court in the The Hague prior to the hearing witnesses testify against him in on Jan. 2008. Taylor is accused of controlling militia that killed and raped thousands in Sierra Leone. He is the first African head of state to appear before an international war crimes tribunal.


Michael Kooren

NAIROBI, Kenya — The Boston Globe has all but retracted its recent story alleging that former Liberian President Charles Taylor had worked for the CIA.

Taylor's lawyer Courteney Griffiths had responded angrily — and threatened legal action — on behalf of his client who denies the allegation.

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This week the Globe published a correction saying it "drew unsupported conclusions and significantly overstepped available evidence when it described former Liberia President Charles Taylor as having worked with US spy agencies as a 'sought-after source.'"

Before getting too carried away it's important to remember that Taylor may not have been a spook, but he still stands accused of some heinous war crimes committed in Sierra Leone. The trial in The Hague continues.

A video of Charles Taylor on trial at the Hague: