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Canadian Lego Man Goes to Space

The Geo Quiz is going into space — by way of Toronto.

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Two Canadian teenagers in Toronto made big headlines this week.

That's because they successfully launched a man into space.

A man made of Lego blocks, that is.

This Lego man was attached to a homemade contraption, equipped with video camera, and tethered to a weather balloon.

After the two teenagers launched it, the balloon rose some 80,000 ft.

That's within the layer of Earth's atmosphere we want you to name.

It's not as high as the thermosphere where the International Space Station orbits.

Nor is it as low as troposphere.

If you were standing on the summit of Mount Everest, for example, you'd be breathing the thin air of the troposphere.

The answer is the stratosphere. Lisa Mullins talks with Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammed about their science project.