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Mozambique: Storm and flooding to get worse, officials warn


A Mozambican man helps his wife cross the flooded highway to Xhai Xhai from Maputo, Feb. 22, 2000, next to an overturned bus which was overturned when Cyclone Eline hit Mozambique.


Yova Lemmer

NAIROBI, Kenya — Earlier this week people in low-lying, flood-prone parts of Mozambique were warned by the authorities to flee as heavy rainstorms beat down

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And the situation is getting worse. 

An estimated 1,500 people have been forced to abandon their 
a third of them in the capital Maputo
and four have lost their lives.

Forecasters are predicting more, heavier storms to come.

It is still a 
long, long way from the disaster of 2000 when half a million people
 were left homeless by flooding that killed around 700 people, but 
fears are rising along with the floodwaters.

Here's Mozambique back in 2000: