Scottish Independence, pt. 4

No shots will be fired, the only blood that will be spilled is metaphorical, so for those who like history, political science and speculating on the role of government it is interesting (and physically safe) to look closely at the drive for Scottish independence.

Simon Jenkins, a man who sits at the top table of Britain's establishment despite his Celtic origins, has some very interesting ideas in his Guardian column:

"Britain went to war to break up the Yugoslav union," he chides those who fear Scottish independence.  "Many Britons yearn for the break-up of the European one. Why do they fight to sustain the United Kingdom as it manifestly crumbles?"

He takes British Prime Minister David Cameron for his resistance to the idea. "Today, Cameron on Scotland is like George III on America, 'astonished at the rebellious disposition which unhappily exists in some of my colonies.'"

Although the Scottish National Party advocates pure independence there is another position they are willing to talk about: something called "devo max" no new passports or separate army, but basically everything else we associate with government reverts to Scotland like budgets, taxes etc.

Jenkins asks why Cameron resists the idea. He should "champion devo max. It promotes fiscal responsibility. It would end the costly subvention to Scotland."

And for more of the nitty gritty of what the SNP really wants is explained in this article from Australia (plenty of folks down there trace there origins to Scotland).  It is very helpful. Send it to a political science junkie, you love.