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Liberia News: Speaker Tyler vows to defeat gay rights bill


The president of the Liberian Senate Isaac Nyenabo (L) and the Speaker of the House of Representative Alex Tyler talk 07 May 2007 prior to the signing ceremony attended by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the ratification of the concession agreement between the Liberian government and Mittal Steel at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia.


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On Monday, Alex J. Tyler was re-elected as Liberia's Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he wasted no time announcing one of his legislative priorities.

"Under his gavel, no bill seeking to grant gay rights would be passed," reported Heritage of Liberia.

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The gay rights bill has become a contentious issue in Liberia's legislature. Liberia's New Dawn reported that American organizations offered millions of dollars to lawmakers, including Tyler, if they would pledge their support for the bill.

Tyler's vow came not long after that article was written.

If true, the allegations would be in keeping with a recent pledge by President Obama to support gay rights with foreign aid, as GlobalPost has reported.

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But a writer for South Africa's Daily Maverick, Simon Allison, chided American organizations that tried to influence Liberia's elections and legislation.

American money that distorts the political system and entrenches corruption isn’t the best way to help do this, no matter how strongly either side in this proxy war believes in its cause.

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