China has "serial killer problem," expert says


Suspected murderer Ma Jiajue, 23, in police custody after he was arrested in Sanya city, southern China's Hainan province, Mar. 15, 2004. Ma is suspected of killing four of his university classmates and stuffing their bodies into a dormitory closet where they were found days later decomposing, as China has been shocked by a spate of murders over the past four months including the high-profile case of a serial killer responsible for the deaths of 67 people.



Public accountings of China's serial killers are rare, but a new piece argues the actual phenomenon is underreported.

The website Danwei.org has published a lengthy piece on serial killers in China, with one expert saying, "China has a serial killer problem."

Underscoring the sensitivity of the issue, the expert himself didn't want his name used in the piece, which offers detailed review of China's recent serial killers including one who admitted murdering 65 people.