Romney supporters try to understand sometimes tepid support for his candidacy

With a narrow victory in Iowa and a big win in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney is unquestionably the front-runner to be the GOP presidential nominee.

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But down in South Carolina, Romney's supporters, though numerous, aren't exactly exuberant. In fact, there's still some people looking for another alternative.

But there are some Romney supporters who insist they're wild about their candidate. Kathy Courtland, a Romney supporter from Houston, said she's supported the former Massachusetts governor for years.

"It's definitely a little frustrating. I've been enthusiastic for a long time and I know other people who have," she said.

Courtland, who said she's an avid tech fan, using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and a balanced news consumer, watching "CNN as much as Fox News."

Romney described Romney as someone who's steady, responsible and intelligent.

"Deep down, I think people want to choose someone they feel safe with," Courtland said. And that's Romney, she added.

Courtland said she's confident Romney can perform well in the South.

"I think he's surprised people. I've met him three times in person ... and he comes across much better in person," she said.

Courtland said Romney is genuine and charming, even if that doesn't always come across on TV and in front of journalists.