Jon Stewart on Iowa vs. South Carolina campaigning


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart compared the GOP candidates' campaign tactics in Iowa and South Carolina.


The Daily Show

Republican candidates made their way to South Carolina on Wednesday for the upcoming primary. But with the primary comes more attacks on each other and comedian Jon Stewart told South Carolina residents to duck for cover.

Stewart’s latest segment on “The Daily Show” about the upcoming 2012 presidential election, focuses on the GOP candidates demeanor and how it has changed from Iowa to South Carolina.

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Stewart highlights the shift in gears with the comparison of two Newt Gingrich campaign ads. The first, is Gingrich’s ad in Iowa, which makes you feel like everyday in the United States is the Fourth of July. According to Stewart, it mirrors a “Norman Rockwell painting.”

The second, which aired on his first day in South Carolina, is dark and sinister, saying that candidate Mitt Romney “can’t be trusted,” for such things as appointing a pro-abortion judge, expanding access to abortion pills and signing government mandated healthcare with taxpayer funded abortions.

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Stewart then takes his audience to the battleground itself in South Carolina, with three correspondents reporting as if they are in the middle of a hurricane. The correspondents suggest staying in doors as warning sirens blare, high winds kick up and one correspondent’s ripped shirt is covered in blood, which she attributes to Newt Gingrich.

Does Stewart’s tone about how the Republican candidates progression from Iowa to South Carolina sound about right? Or has he gone over the top to force a few chuckles out of us?

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