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Amish man fined for not using orange reflector on buggy

A judge in Kentucky has again fined members of a strict Amish sect for refusing to adhere reflective orange triangles to the backs of their buggies. The judge said the black, slow-moving carriages are dangerous without the triangles, according to the Associated Press.

An Amish man said he would not pay the fine and would rather go to jail. State lawmakers may carve an exemption in the law so that Amish drivers can use gray reflective tape instead of the bright orange triangles. These particular members of a conservative Amish group say the neon orange triangles are "flashy," according to the AP.

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The Wall Street Journal reported that Amish man Jacob Gingerich said "putting that orange triangle on the back of our buggy would not leave our buggies plain anymore." Amish people often refer to themselves as plain people. The article went on to say that the jailed men feared being cast out from their strict community if they affix triangles onto their carriages.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police said "we still incorporate them into the traveling public, so we can't pick and choose who we want to protect. We also have to protect them."

Indeed, the lack of orange triangles has caused accidents in the past, with at least one buggy crash in 2011 directly related to the triangles not being used.