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Life in Kabul: Portraits by a Photojournalist

If Afghanistan conjures up thoughts of war then we must realize that the country has much more than that.

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Photojournalist David Gill is the Creative Director of a multimedia company based in Kabul.

He has been there for more than three years now and has dedicated his time to profiling interesting characters in the city.

He has captured in his images, men and women who make Kabul work.

He has profiled all kinds of interesting people like a sweet-maker, whom he calls the 'Willy Wonka' of Afghanistan and the first female Army general of Afghanistan or the child prodigy who wants to be like Arnie and one day make it big in Bollywood or even Hollywood.

Gill says he took inspiration from the book "Working" by Studs Terkel. His work, which includes photographs and films in first-person narrative, is documented as Kabul: A City At Work.

Anchor Marco Werman spoke to David Gill to get more details about his work.

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    Qasem Foushanji, a musician in Kabul, features in David Gill's project "Kabul: A City at Work." (Photo: David Gill)

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    "The Sweet Maker" (Photo: David Gill)

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    "Female Army General" (Photo: David Gill)

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    "Child Prodigy" (Photo: David Gill)