Jon Huntsman to miss Arizona primary after paperwork mistake


Republican Jon Huntsman walks with his wife Mary Kaye and daughter on his way to a press conference to announce his bid for the presidency.


Spencer Platt

Jon Huntsman has failed to qualify for the Arizona state primary after a paperwork mishap, the Associated Press reported.

The former Utah governor filed his paperwork a few hours before Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline, but it was missing a notarized signature from Huntsman himself, a spokesman for Secretary of State Ken Bennett said, the AP reported.

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Huntsman’s spokesman, Tim Miller, said the campaign submitted all of the required materials for the primary and will aggressively challenge the ruling. Huntsman’s campaign believes after it appeals the ruling Huntsman will be able to get back on the ballot, The Hill reported.

Arizona’s presidential primary is scheduled for Feb. 28 and will award 29 delegates, the highest total in early-voting states, The Hill reported. The New Hampshire primary on Tuesday awards just 12 delegates.

A similar mistake was made by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry in Virginia, also candidates vying for the Republican nomination. Virginia requires campaigns to clear a series of difficult requirements, including at least 400 signatures from each congressional district, The Hill reported. Perry’s campaign has launched a legal challenge to Virginia’s ballot laws.

On Tuesday Huntsman is focused on New Hampshire, as the Republican candidates wait for the primary results.

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