High-fashion protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong erupted in fashion-related protests this week, but not for reasons you might expect.

A reported 1,000 residents of the territory took to the streets to protest what they called discriminatory practices by the Italian luxury label Dolce & Gabbana.

Protesters said the brand's Hong Kong store banned locals from photographing the store, while Chinese from the mainland and foreigners are able to snap shots. Online rumors charged that the store was trying to protect rich Chinese shoppers from prying eyes.

The protests underlie growing tensions between Hong Kong residents and Chinese from the mainland, who have descended on the region in growing numbers as personal wealth has exploded in China. D&G, meanwhile, says it's not discriminating. Outrage over the picture issue led to creation of a Facebook page and incensed comments.

Said one: "If you are not luxury goods buyers from Communist China, or if you are not prepared to buy as rampantly as the communist buyers do, please think twice before you come to visit Hong Kong, which is now a place contaminated with communist racism, greed and bad manners of luxury outlets."

The fashion brand denied any discrimination, telling the Hong Kong Standard, “We wish to underline that our company has not taken part in any action aiming at offending the Hong Kong public."