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Leopard scalps Indian: Behind the scenes


A leopard scalped a man with a single deft swipe in the northeast Indian city of Guwahati on January 7, 2012. Three people were seriously injured in the leopard attack before the feline was tranquilized and taken to Assam state zoo.



Chances are you've already seen the viral "leopard scalps man" photos from Guwahati, Assam.  That's not a hairpiece folks!  But that's not the end of the bad news for the unfortunate victim. 

At least one Indian paper ran his picture again today, along with a story about one of the leopard victims who "succumbed to injuries" yesterday.  So now he's hairless, in pain, and fielding calls from friends and relatives who think he died.  You thought YOU hated Mondays.

Here's the story behind the Indian scalped photo from the Calcutta Telegraph:

Manas Paran, who took these photographs, was an eyewitness to the leopard attack. He had seen the leopard jump from the second floor of the first house where it had injured a person. It then leaped over a wall and disappeared. He moved towards the cremation ground and some people told him the leopard was inside a house. He and a television cameraperson entered the house and saw a man trying to chase the leopard with an iron rod. He warned the man not to do so, as the leopard would attack. Within seconds, the leopard attacked. He clicked the photos and rushed out through the door. ‘I was worried that it would turn on me. My heart was thumping and hands were shaking; I was terrified. I went in a second time and shouted after seeing leopard on top of the man; they were grappling. I then rushed out again and the man came out of the house’. The leopard had, in the meantime, jumped over the boundary wall and gone into the adjacent house