Former New York Times editor Bill Keller says Hillary Clinton should be vice president


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. Bill Keller of the New York Times believes Clinton should replace Biden as Vice President.


Alex Wong

Bill Keller, the former executive editor of The New York Times, has advocated for Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden as vice president of the United States. 

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In a strongly worded column in the Times' Sunday paper, Keller — who left his post as editor to become a columnist — wrote that Clinton is best suited to take over as vice president in 2012. 

He argues that having Clinton as VP would increase Obama's chances of re-election, as well as put her in a better place to be the leader of the Democratic party in 2016. He writes that Clinton would bring "a missing warmth and some of the voltage that has dissipated as Obama moved from campaigning to governing" to Obama's ticket."  

As he writes:

The proposal to draft her in place of President Obama this year is preposterous. It exaggerates his vulnerability and discounts Hillary’s loyalty. But the idea that she should replace Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate in 2012 is something else. It has been kicking around on the blogs for more than a year without getting any traction, mainly because it has been authoritatively, emphatically dismissed by Hillary, Biden and Team Obama.

It’s time to take it seriously.

There have been rumors that Clinton will run for president, and some, including the Wall Street Journal and former Vice President Dick Cheney, think she should. Clinton has dismissed those rumors so far. 

Clinton was voted 2011's Most Admired Woman in a recent Gallup poll, ahead of Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice. Obama was voted Most Admired Man. 

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