Argentine president cancer-free


Argentina's president has a reason to smile again.



Doctors discovered Argentine President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner didn’t have cancer after all, the BBC said

She underwent an operation to remove her thyroid last week, but post-operative tests found no evidence of cancer.

Fernandez is recovering at home after being released from hospital on Saturday, and planned radiation therapy is no longer considered necessary.

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Supporters camped outside the hospital rejoiced after the announcement. Fernandez, 58, is popular for her social programs and was re-elected in October with 54 percent of the vote.

Doctors had believed they were treating papillary thyroid carcinoma, but tests are difficult without first removing the gland. 

While she doesn’t face further surgery, the president must undergo hormone replacement therapy for life, ABC News said

The Wall Street Journal said the 3 ½-hour surgery was scheduled after a routine medical exam last month.