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Mexico's Baluarte Bridge Tallest Cable-Stayed Bridge in the World

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The Baluarte Bridge during construction in November 2011. (Photo: Fotrogafo Especial/Wikipedia)

El Puente Baluarte is how Mexicans refer to their latest monumental infrastructure project.

Technically, it is a cable bridge. It is 1,321 feet tall and spans a deep ravine in northwest Mexico.

It is said to be so tall that the Eiffel Tower would easily fit under its span.

This bridge will provide drivers with a short cut through the jagged peaks of the Sierra Madre mountains.

The Baluarte Bridge is right on the boundary between two Mexican states and for the Geo Quiz we are looking for the names of those two states.

One of them has a coastline along the Gulf of California and the other is famous for its scorpions.

The answers to the Geo Quiz are the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Durango.

They are linked by Mexico's new Baluarte Bridge that was inaugurated Friday. It is said to be the world's tallest cable-stayed bridge.

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