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China grows "Asia's biggest man boobs"


Guo Qingbo of Shandong province shows off his man boobs.


Ministry of Tofu

A man from Shandong province wanted desperately to cure his baldness. He went to a local doctor, seeking advice.

The doctor told Guo Qingbo to start shampooing his hair with contraceptives. Diligently, he did so.

And he did grow hair.

He also grew something else.

As reported in the Chinese news site Ministry of Tofu, Guo Qingbo was ridiculed by his neighbors for his man breasts. Eventually, he went to Jinan, the provincial capital, to get more medical advice. This time from a different doctor.

Doctors in Jinan investigated the matter and determined that they were composed of excessive fat.

Through a minor surgical process, they were able to remove the excess fat from Guo Qingbo's pectoral region.

And look at that full head of hair.