America's Three A's

The man who brought the world the much-derided Confucius Peace Prize is now calling on America to open up and change its ways.

In an opinion piece in the conservative Global Times newspaper earlier this week, Liu Zhiqin, an apparent Chinese patriot and Beijing chief representative of Zurich Bank, Switzerland (according to his bio in the Global Times), said it's America, rather than China, that needs to open up to the world. Liu, who came up with the Confucius Peace Prize as a hasty response to the Nobel Peace Prize when it was awarded to Chinese regime critic and writer Liu Xiaobo in last 2010, has now set his sites on what he views as American arrogance.

In his opinion piece (which doesn't seem to have been published on the paper's English website), Liu mocks US President Barrack Obama and says America's "triple A" investment rating should be redefined. The A's should stand for, in Liu's opinion: Arrogance, Aggressive and self-Appreciation.