Vietnamese cops censured for jailing anti-corruption reporter

The jailed Vietnamese journalist who wrote "F--k You, Pay the Road Bribes" -- which we profiled earlier in the week -- is getting support from rights groups abroad.

"Journalists who reveal corrupt government practices should be rewarded -- not arrested," said Bob Dietz with the Committee to Protect Journalists. "Khuong's detention is another mark against Vietnam's abysmal and worsening press freedom record."

The group Reporters Without Borders is also urging Khong's freedom. His work, which exposed cops extoring motorists and occasionally striking them, is in the "public interest," the group said. His reporting license with his news agency, Tuoi Tre, has been suspended.

Khuong is, ironically, in prison under accusations that he bribed the targets of his expose: traffic cops. For a taste of Khuong's work, read "F--k You, Pay the Road Bribes" here.