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Somalia News: Parliament fights again (VIDEO)


A member of Somalia's parliament is led away after being injured in fistfights as lawmakers elected a new speaker in a move condemned by the troubled nation's president as 'null and void' on January 4, 2012. Several supporters of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan — sacked as speaker in a controversial move last month by 280 MPs — were injured in the latest of several parliamentary brawls.


Abdurashid Abdulle

NAIROBI, Kenya — They're at it again.

Somalia's rambunctious parliamentarians apparently like nothing better than to batter each other with chairs, kick their opponents to the ground and stab their interlocutors with pens. 

After the latest fracas at least three lawmakers were taken to hospital.

If you haven't seen a functioning government in more than two decades — as is the case in Somalia — this is hardly behaviour that instills confidence.

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Somalia's parliament is a sign that the country is making progress toward returning to normal, right? 

Well, not judging by this video of fighting in a parliamentary session on December 21. 

Particularly impressive debating style from the man on the table.