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Kenya News: Press covers Somalia conflict


A Kenyan Defense Force soldier is pictured in Ras Kamboni, southern Somalia on December 13, 2011. Members of the international media were invited by the Kenyan army to Ras Kamboni as part of the first media opportunity granted to International media since Kenya began military operations in Somalia.


Carl de Souza

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya's media has indulged in a spectacular display of jingoism since the country's army invaded Somalia two and a half months ago.

It's not entirely surprising, after all this is Kenya's first proper war (putting soldiers on the streets when elections go awry doesn't count) and is being fought against an out-and-out bad guy in the shape of Somalia's Al Shabaab extremists who have blown up football fans, banned bras and gold teeth, stoned rape victims to death, handed out guns as prizes in Koran recital competitions and helped turn a terrible drought into a deadly famine.

Pambazuka news has an interesting analysis of what's been going on in the main Kenyan newspapers, The Daily Nation and The Standard:

"Here’s a small selection from the front pages of Kenya’s two leading dailies, Nation and Standard, over the past month:

‘Nine shabaab men killed in fierce clash near border town’ (Nation);

‘Kenya’s fearsome arsenal in offensive’ (Standard);

‘Al-Qaeda camp hit by Kenya’s jets and ships’ (Nation);

‘Kenya enters next phase in operation’ (Standard);

‘Allies hunt shabaab fighters door-to-door' (Nation);

‘We will fight on to victory, vows Kibaki’ (Nation);

‘UN to punish al shabaab allies’ (Standard);

‘Spirits high as navy kills 18 shabaab’ (Standard)

"All the information carried in these stories — and many others on TV, radio and on websites — is from a single source: The military."