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Unauthorized Steve Jobs action figure is impressively lifelike


A close-up of InIcons' Steve Jobs action figure.


InIcons via LA Times

Chinese company In Icons has introduced a lifelike, 12-inch-high Steve Jobs action figure wearing – what else? – Jobs’ favorite “dad jeans” and a black turtleneck.

The Jobs doll, which costs $99, comes with two pairs of glasses, a chair, two apples (one with a bite out of it) and a backdrop emblazoned with Jobs’ oft-used phrase, “one more thing,” PC Magazine reported. It also comes with three extra pairs of hands – the secret to Jobs’ productivity, perhaps?

Fans of the late Apple Inc. founder who were eager to get a look at the doll slowed InIcon’s website to a crawl today, Fox News reported.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

It's the borderline disturbing level of detail that the company has put in the figure that is freaking everyone out. The prototype includes the pores on Jobs' forehead, the subtle wrinkles under his eyes, even the veins on his hand.

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The company has already halted pre-orders for the action figure, Fox News reported. The doll is due to start shipping in February.

That is, unless lawyers for Apple step in. As MSNBC noted, another website called MIC Gadget attempted to sell an unauthorized Steve Jobs action figure at the end of 2010, but Apple’s lawyers said they had violated the company’s copyrights and trademarks, and the MIC Gadget quickly stopped production.

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