We're on the African continent for the Geo Quiz, looking for the capital of a sub-Saharan country roughly the size of South Africa. 13 million people live in Mali which ranks among the poorest nations of the world, with few natural resources. And it faces terror attacks from Islamic extremists who organize in desert camps in the north of the country. Despite all this, the country does have a fairly stable democracy. And Mali's outgoing two-term leader Amadou Toumani Touré has promised that upcoming presidential elections will be fair and transparent. 20 candidates are hoping to fill his shoes. One of them is Yeah Samake who is a member of the Mormon church and a graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. The answer to our quiz question is Bamako. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Yeah Samake.

Yeah Samake campaign poster (Photo: Samake Facebook page)

Yeah Samake (Photo: Samake Facebook page)

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