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Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter


Rupert Murdoch's Twitter page.



Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter, attracting tens of thousands of followers within hours of his debut on the microblogging site, according to the Hollywood Reporter

The 80-year-old News Corp CEO reportedly launched his account on News Year’s Eve with the post: “Have just. Read The Rational Optimist. Great book.” 

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey verified the @RupertMurdoch handle as authentic with this post Jan. 1:

"With his own voice, in his own way, @RupertMurdoch is now on Twitter."

The feed is accompanied by a photo evidently taken by Murdoch himself, wearing a white t-shirt and tracksuit, using a handheld device or laptop,

The Reporter describes Murdoch's collection of tweets so far as "eclectic":

In less than a day aboard the social platform Murdoch has offered thoughts on subjects as varied as the New Year’s Eve party he attended (“Huge NY do. Oligarchs and Silicon Valley biggies (like Jack). May. Learn something”), time spent “uboating” in the sea with his young daughters, the new Fox-produced George Clooney movie The Descendants (“Thank God, one to be proud of. Star Geo Clooney deserves Oscar. Maybe film too.”) and his recent holiday (“Vacations great time for thinking. St Barths too many people. Thoughts best kept private around here. Like London!”)

He stirred up controversy by tweeting, "Maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country!"

The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian rival to Murdoch's News Corp. noted that the mogul was tweeting while vacationing on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy. Soon after posting the message he deleted it, but not before Twitter users had "quickly spread [it] around the website."


His wife, Wendi Deng, also appears to have joined the increasingly ubiquitous microblogging site, quickly replied: "RUPERT!! delete tweet!!"

Within minutes the Wendi Deng account, which has not yet been verified and may not be genuine, continued: "EVERY1 @rupertmurdoch was only having a joke pROMSIE!!!"

Minutes later: "explaining to @rupertmurdoch about being careful with humor on line. sometimes it comes out as rude!"

Murdoch has opted to follow only a few fellow tweeters, including Dorsey, a fake account for Google co-founder Larry Page and Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus.

A skeptical Twittersphere took the opportunity to post jibes at Murdoch over the phone-hacking scandal in Britain.

“Rupert Murdoch has apparently joined Twitter. Meanwhile everyone else changes their passwords,” tweeted @jamiep7.

Former British deputy Prime Minister John Prescott tweeted “Hey @rupertmurdoch. I’m surprised you’re only following two people. The police said it was at least 800.”