What words will we be using the most in 2012? Austin, Texas-based Global Language Monitor (GLM) has an idea.

The company, which documents, analyzes and tracks cultural trends in language around the world, has released its list of 2012's projected top words. 

Kate Middleton, The Olympics, CERN, and deficit are among the predicted most-used words and phrases for 2012. 

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Also in our collective vocabulary? The end of the world. 

“The year 2012 looks to be a vibrant year for the English language with word creation again driven by events both scheduled and unanticipated," said Paul JJ Payack, president and chief word analyst of GLM. Typically there is an ‘end-of-the-world’ scenario every few years that impacts the English language; this year we will see no fewer than three including the Maya Apocalypse and the Solar Max.” 

2011 proved to be a revolutionary year for both movements and language: according to GLM, the most-used word was Occupy, while the top phrase was Arab Spring. Steve Jobs took the top spot for most-used name.

Check out our slideshow for the full list of 2012's predicted top words. The GLM has also predicted a "bonus phrase": The successor to Arab Spring...whatever that will be. 

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