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Filmmaker Mads Brugger's 'The Ambassador' and the Story of a Phony Diplomat


A scene from the movie "The Ambassador."

A strange, enigmatic and decadent white diplomat arrives in the capital of the Central African Republic. He claims to be a rich businessman who has come to spearhead a diplomatic mission.

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His passport says that he is Liberia's General Consul to the Central African Republic.

But he was not appointed by the usual channels. He bought his diplomatic passport for $150,000 from a broker he found online.

And he is really there to access vast reserves of diamonds.

That is the plot of a new film, but it is not fiction. It was the real adventure of documentary film maker Mads Brugger.

Brugger pretends to be a wealthy diplomat in his film "The Ambassador."

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Mads Brugger, who says despite his eccentric clothes and questionable credentials, he did not stand out in the Central African Republic.