President Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton most admired man and woman in 2011: poll

President Barack Obama speaks alongside US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while announcing that Clinton will travel next month to Myanmar, also known as Burma.


Saul Loeb

What do President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have in common? Aside from being longtime political rivals, they are the most admired man and woman in the United States.

According to the latest Gallup poll, Americans voted Clinton and Obama the most admired man and woman living anywhere in the entire world involved in global politics, religion, entertainment or culture, the Washington Post reported. They both lead their own category by 17 percent, USA Today reported.

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Between Dec. 15 and 18, 1,019 American adults were polled, USA Today reported.

But Obama and Clinton, who have already topped these lists before, weren’t the interesting choices of the list. Although Obama pushed past former President George W. Bush in 2008 for the number one spot, Bush is still holding on to the second slot. Following right behind Bush was another former president, and husband to the world’s most admired woman, Bill Clinton.

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Breaking up the presidential party, the Rev. Billy Graham came in the fourth spot. Graham, 93, has been on the list since the very first Gallup poll asking this question in 1946, USA Today reported. He’s made the top 10 55 times since.

The male list continues with a tie for the number six spot between Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump, making the GOP party proud. Trailing them is Pope Benedict XVI, Bill Gates and Thomas Monson.

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The most admired women in the world results proved to be all about government connections. The only two women on the list to not be related to the government were Oprah Winfrey-- at the number two spot, her 10th time at the spot-- and Ellen DeGeneres, who was tied with Margaret Thatcher at number seven, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Following Oprah came first lady Michelle Obama. Sarah Palin took the four slot and Condoleezza Rice rounded out the top five. Another interesting tie to finish off the top 10 was between Queen Elizabeth and Michele Bachmann at number nine.

While these choices were news worthy in 2011, and definitely had some influence, would you say they are the people you most admired this year? Who would you have picked as the person you most admired this year?

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