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'Blood curdling scream' as python attacks child


When snakes attack.


Dan Kitwood

A two-year-old child survived a snake attack in Port Douglas, Australia after the boy’s mother and neighbors saved him from the python’s deadly coil.

The mother said her toddler was playing nearby the porch and suddenly let out a “blood curdling scream,” the Cairns Post reported.

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The mother saw the snake bit him and tried to fight the predator off, but to no avail. Her neighbors heard her pleas for help and was able to rescue the child. 

"The snake was biting his leg and was wrapped around his whole body, to his chest. It started constricting,” she was quoted in the story as saying. Neither the boy or mother was identified by name in the report.

Luckily, the snake was not venomous and his bite wounds were treated at the Mossman Hospital. He was transferred to Cairns Base Hospital to monitor in case of infection.