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US sets $10 million bounty for Al Qaeda financier Yasin al-Suri


Afghan villagers watch a U.S. propaganda film on a portable DVD player that attempts to explain why the U.S. military is in Afghanistan.


Maura R. O'Connor

The United States has offered a $10 million bounty for the capture of alleged Al Qaeda financier Yasin al-Suri, CNN reported.

Al-Suri was born in Syria and is a senior Al Qaeda operative based in Iran. He is responsible for moving hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as terrorists recruits from Iran to Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to the government, CNN reported.

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The reward aims to disrupt a financial network that operated from within Iran’s borders since 2005. The State Department said it was the first time a “terrorist financier” has been targeted in such a way, according to the BBC.

"Al-Suri is an important fundraiser for Al Qaeda and has collected money from donors and fundraisers throughout the Persian Gulf region," the State Department said Thursday in a statement, the Daily Mail reported. "He has funneled significant amounts of money via Iran to Al Qaeda's leadership in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

The Al Qaeda financier was blacklists along with five other members by the US treasury department in July, the BBC reported.

The bounty was posted under the government’s “Rewards for Justice Program,” which offers millions of dollars for information leading to the capture of some of the country’s most wanted terrorists, Fox News reported. The top wanted terrorists is Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who’s reward for capture is a potential $25 million. Al-Suri is one of three men wanted for $10 million, including Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Abu Dua, leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Fox News reported.

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