The financial crisis in Greece is not over. This week officials held talks with creditors, trying to convince them to forgive up to 50 percent of the country's debt. That would help Greece avoid a default. Despite all the bailouts that is still a possibility. This has been a painful year for Greeks. It's also been a painful time for Greece's former prime minister. George Papandreou stepped down in November — a casualty of the economic crisis that has battered Greece and much of the rest of Europe. Mr. Papandreou talks with host Lisa Mullins about what lies ahead for Greece. "This is a question of how we govern our world, not only Greece .. and how our citizens can be protected from … the moods of the market," Papandreou says. "No matter what good formulas we have as leaders, in the end if they don't have the support of the citizens, they won't work."

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