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VIDEO: Rare cancer linked to breast implant in thousands of women


A PIP implant that's ruptured. Many women are concerned these implants could lead to cancer. (Photo from ABCau video.)

Thousands of women are concerned after it came out recently that breast implants manufactured in France and distributed around the world — though not in the U.S. — were made with industrial grade silicone, rather than medical grade.

The French government is so concerned it's willing to pay for every woman who has received the implants to have them surgically removed and replaced. In the United Kingdom and Australia, however, the governments say there's no reason for alarm.

"British women do not need to be worried," said Suzanne Ludgate, U.K. Medical Regulator. "We've looked extensively with our experts at an association with cancer, at the toxicity of the filler with breast feeding and we can find no issues."

Breast Implants Spark Health Concerns
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The French company that made the implants, PIP, has gone out of business in the wake of the scandal, which includes the implants being linked, in France at least, to a rare form of cancer: anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Several lawsuits have also been initiated and a criminal investigation is underway.

Rachael Jacomb received the implants and had one of them rupture recently. And she had a baby four weeks ago. She said breast feeding has been "a nightmare."

"I can't breast feed on my right breast properly," she explained. 

Plastic surgeons are encouraging women to get their implants checked out by a doctor and then discuss appropriate actions with them.