Boeloek, a Street Punk rock band, practices in a rental studio, Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia.
Credit: Fauzan Ijazah

The embattled punk rockers of Indoniesia's Muslim-majority Aceh province may get love in San Francisco, where a small group of fellow punks recently rallied in front of the Indonesian embassy.

But their Muslim kin in their tropical, Shariah-law region appear to be siding with the punks' sworn foes: morality cops who shave their mohawks and detain them for 10 days of "re-education."

According to the Jakarta Post, community leaders now want a law to "outlaw the punk lifestyle." (It should come as no suprise that the Islamic Defenders' Front -- a Muslim vigilante group profiled by Global Post last year -- is among them.)

And what of complaints that these crackdowns violate the punk rockers' human rights?

A Muslim students' leader offered this rebuttal to the Jakarta Globe:

“In a number of Western countries, Muslims are not allowed to wear the veil. Is that not a human rights violation?”

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