Out of the dust and debris of Herman Cain's campaign and Newt Gingrich's string of media gaffes, a new contender for the Republican presidential nomination is emerging. Polls show libertarian-leaning Texas congressman Ron Paul taking the lead in the Iowa caucus. He's also expected to have a strong finish in New Hampshire.   Much of Paul's support has come from grassroots organizers, people like Alex Beltramo, an independent game developer in San Francisco.  Beltramo is the creator of a campaign called "Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul." For each player of his new Web-based role playing game "Dungeoneers" who completes the game's first quest, slaying a white dragon, Beltramo contributes $5 in support of Ron Paul. Benjy Sarlin, staff reporter at Talking Points Memo and its campaign blog, TPM 2012, explains Paul's latest spike in popularity.