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Man warned by FDA to stop giving his sperm away for free


A doctor takes out preserved semen in liquid nitrogen. Trent Arsenault, 36, is facing a cease and desist warning from the FDA for giving his sperm away for free.


Josep Lago

Trent Arsenault has been giving away his sperm for free through his website for the past five years, and claims to have fathered 14 children, with four more on the way. But these four may be his last: the Food and Drug Administration has issued a cease and desist warning against Arsenault, who allegedly does not follow their requirements for testing for sexually transmitted diseases before giving sperm, the Associated Press reported

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Arsenault, a 36-year-old computer security specialist from Fremont, California, could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine for violating FDA regulations on human cells and tissues, according to the agency's website. He is appealing the case.

The son of evangelical Christians, Arsenault has a spiritual motive behind his free sperm donations. "What more can you give to your neighbor that the gift of life?" he told ABC News. "It's my version of love."

He first received national media attention from a Newsweek cover story, "You Got Your Sperm Where?" published in October 2011. 

Arsenault said he never saw himself getting married, but always wanted to do something like this to help others. He has made 328 sperm donations to 46 women, mostly lesbians in the San Francisco area. He can continue to donate sperm while the case is pending, AP reported.