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Kenya refugee camp bombed by Somali extremists


Somalian refugees wait in the registration area of the Dagahaley refugee camp which makes up part of the giant Dadaab refugee settlement on July 23, 2011 in Dadaab, Kenya.


Oli Scarff

NAIROBI, Kenya — Roadside bombs exploded in nothern Kenya's Dadaab complex of refugee camps on Monday and Tuesday this week, killing one policeman and injuring others.

The Dadaab camps in northeast Kenya are home to nearly 500,000 Somali refugees and, being close to the border, has long had a heavy security presence meaning lots of targets for Shabaab sympathisers, who are either among the camps' population or stealing across the unpoliced frontier.

Dadaab has also been the site of kidnappings of aid workers, including two Spanish women working for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) whose abduction in October preceded Kenya's invasion of Somalia.

The camps have remained an easy target for attacks since then. Tuesday's bomb was the fifth to be laid in two months and the explosions have killed three police officers.

Dangerous and deadly as these attacks have been they fall far short of the kind of retribution that the Shabaab threatened after Kenya's invasion.