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John Edwards: Rielle Hunter, move in with me.


John Edwards exits the Federal Courthouse with his daughter Cate Edwards, and speaks to a crowd of reporters on June 3, 2011, in Winston Salem, N.C.


Steve Exum

As John Edward's trial date looms, the disgraced senator has asked his mistress, Rielle Hunter, to move into his home, The National Enquirer reported.

The Daily Mail reported that Edwards is trying to reconcile his relationship with Hunter, who is the mother of his child Quinn, a year after his wife, Elizabeth, died.

According to sources who spoke to the National Enquirer, he asked her to move into the North Carolina home that Edwards shared with his late wife.

Edwards lives with his two children Emma Claire and Jack. His older daughter Cate lives nearby.

According to a source quoted in the National Enquirer, Hunter wants what's best for their daughter, Quinn, and John's other young children.

"If all of them living under one roof will help the kids, it’s something Rielle will do," the source said.

In June, Edwards was indicted by a federal grand jury on six felony charges that he had illegally used campaign funds to cover up his extra-marital affair, the Huffington Post reported.

Hunter broke off relations with John just days before he was indicted, though he had reportedly begged her to marry him.