Chilean men told to leave their ties at home



Lionel Bonaventure

Take off those neck ties.

It's time to loosen up the dress code, says the Chilean government. It's not a fashion statement though, but a money-saving measure.

The government thinks it can save $10 million over the summer months if buildings need to use less air conditioning.

It figures that if building temperatures are allowed to rise between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius, energy costs could drop by more than 3 percent.

To celebrate the unveiling of the campaign, titled “In summer, take off your tie,” several government ministers stripped off their ties in a video posted on YouTube (watch below).

But today, the ties were back — on the very same ministers who had promoted the initiative, reported El Mercurio.

Minister Joaquin Lavin was seen sporting a tie, as were ministers Rodrigo Hinzpeter, Felipe Larraín, Andrés Chadwick and Hernán de Solminihac.

Congressmen and judges also hadn't forsaken their traditional attire.

Men must really love their ties.

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