Spanish Royal Scandal


Iñaki Urdangarin and his wife Princess Cristina on official duty last year. The couple will no longer be given any official duties.


Pascal Le Segretain

Used to be we could rely on the British Royal Family for regular doses of titillation and scandal but Prince William and his wife Kate, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are clearly pretty straight shooters.

So those who revel in schadenfreude and confirmation that royalty is just like us - only with fancier clothes - now have to turn to news from Spain where the Duke of Palma de Majorca, formerly Inaki Urdangarin, married to Princess Cristina, youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia ,has got in a serious bit of trouble.

According to El Pais, Urdangarin has been suspended from all official duties. The paper claims the wayward son-in-law is alleged to have diverted public money to a business he runs.

The newspaper quotes a royal spokesman saying "that does not seem exemplary behavior."

No, it does not.  The Spanish Royal Family has long been above reproach. Public accounting of Urdangarin's business interests has been promised.

Urdangarin works in Washington so presumably he could head for Oprah.  The television network owner let another wayward royal in-law, Sarah Ferguson begin the work of atonement on her air.

An American has to live in a monarchy to truly appreciate how ironic it is that his fellow Americans have become so obsessed by royalty.