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Lil Wayne "klaps" South African imposter, Young Nucho (VIDEO)


Spot the difference: On the left, American rapper Lil Wayne. On the right, South African "imposter" Young Nucho.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images and Screengrab

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Rapper Lil Wayne, on his first South African tour, was reportedly none too thrilled to learn he has a local imposter.

Rumors flew that the four-time Grammy Award winner had "klapped" (slapped, in South African slang) his lookalike, named Young Nucho, at a Johannesburg nightclub.

Antonio "Young Nucho" Kalembe, 20, from Angola but living in South Africa, is short with long dreadlocks, tattoos and wears a ball cap and sunglasses, mimicking Lil Wayne's style. He is part of a rap crew called Sleek Note, but best known for dating a TV presenter named Nonhle Thema.

According to South Africa's Independent Online, "the South African rapper seemed happy to bask in the misguided adulation, occupying a VIP area reserved for Lil Wayne and his entourage, and posing for pictures."

The website Media Take Out claimed “more than a dozen eye-witnesses” saw Lil Wayne slapping Young Nucho inside a club called Hush. 

Lil Wayne, who is in the second year of a three-year probation period after serving time behind bars on a gun charge, played shows in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban on his first visit to South Africa.

But the club's publicist, Melanie Ramjee, told Johannesburg's Times Live that Lil Wayne wasn't even at the club, and the scuffle was between Young Nucho and Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, who saw the South African rapper "taking photos with girls and occupying the VIP area we had set aside for Lil Wayne in case he visited.”

“He didn't get klapped, but maybe he should have,” Ramjee said, according to Times Live.

Times Live said that Young Nucho, "emotional and heartbroken" over the incident, has recorded a song called "I'm Not Wayne," in which he reportedly tells Lil Wayne to "have respect for Africa."

Watch a South African music video featuring Young Nucho with Sleek Note (Young Nucho appears towards the end):

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