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"Welcome to the Radioactive Village"

Allowing a multi-national operation to process "rare earths" in Malaysia will turn gentle Muslim villages into an apocalyptic wasteland.

That's what the short film "Kampong Radioaktif" (Radioactive Village) suggests at least.

It's a not-so-subtle protest against Australia's Lynas Corporation, which plans to open a plant in Malaysia where rare materials -- some used in hybrid cars and iPods -- will be processed. As of now, about 90 percent of these rare earths are processed in China. But because the operations produce radioactive waste, China is restricting its rare earth mining, BusinessWeek reports.

But some Malaysians -- including the "Kampong Radioaktif" director, Liew Seng Tat -- insist Malaysia shouldn't have to contend with radioactive waste either, despite assurances from Lynas that all waste wil be properly stored and sealed.

Liew's nightmare vision of a Malaysia tainted by radioactivity?

Cows turning into cats, villagers wrapped in makeshift anti-radiation suits and a soldier whose genitals transform into a wandering hand. Here's the video.