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A Siberian City on Russia's Protest Map

A social map of Russia features in the Geo Quiz today.

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Tens of thousands of Russians are expected to turn out this weekend for street protests against election fraud.

Saturday's rally in Moscow may be the largest. It is planned in two city squares, one of which is just across the river from the Kremlin.

But Moscow is not the only place where demonstrations will be happening. We are looking for a remote Siberian city where local activists say they will be out on the streets.

It is a city near Russia's borders with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

The city lies along the Ob river, a major river that runs through western Siberia.

The Russian city of Barnaul is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

Alexey Sidorenko has been looking at the map of Russia's social media sites to try and anticipate the size of Saturday's Election protests in Russia.

He is a social media analyst for Global Voices.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Sidorenko to gauge the upcoming protests in Russia.

  • barnaul.png

    Altai Krai, Russia(in red). Barnaul is a city and the administrative center of Altai Krai. (Graphic: Marmelad/Wikipedia)

  • russia4.jpg

    Protest activity map of Russia. (Map: Yandex.maps)


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