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Sarkozy snubs Cameron's handshake


French President Nicolas Sarkozy disregarded British PM David Cameron's handshake at an EU Summit meeting.



French President Nicolas Sarkozy raised many eyebrows when he brushed past Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron without shaking his hand after European Union treaty meetings, the Daily Mail reported.

Sarkozy and Cameron sat with other European leaders through an all-night discussion in Brussels, which ended in the agreement to enforce stricter budget rules on EU countries in order to fight off the debt crisis.

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But it’s not the new rules imposed by the treaty that had people talking the next morning. When the meeting finished, Cameron outstretched his hand toward Sarkozy, ready to shake hands and make up. But Sarkozy apparently didn’t acknowledge Cameron and made a “swift swerve aside” doing the fake wave to someone to get himself out of the awkward situation, The Mirror reported. Rather than get red in the face from the snub, Cameron gives Sarkozy a pat on the back and keeps a smile on his face.

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Cameron and Sarkozy have suffered from soured relations after the British PM refused new EU rules, fearing a loss of national independence and a threat to the financial power of the City of London's banking sector, GlobalPost reported.

“I'm going to say 'no.' I'm going to use the veto,” Cameron said, GlobalPost reported. "We're never going to join the euro and we're never going to give up this kind of sovereignty that these countries are having to give up."

Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders lined up against Cameron and his refusal. At a different EU meeting, Sarkozy warned that "never has the risk of disintegration been greater" for Europe, the Guardian reported.

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