Cuba: Exile fireworks are a US provocation


President of Movement Democracy, Ramon Saul Sanchez, says a fleet of Cuban exiles plan to set off fireworks near Havana in an act of solidarity with groups who advocate for democracy in Cuba.


Roberto Schmidt

Not everybody likes fireworks.

Especially when the ones who are setting them off are protesting your country.

Just one day before the UN's International Human Rights Day, a fleet of half a dozen boats containing 50 Cuban exiles set sail off the coast of Florida. 

According to The Associated Press, the flotilla is comprised of several groups of exiles, including the non-profit, Democracy Movement.

They plan on stopping about 12.5 miles from Havana to set off fireworks. 

Fox News Latino reported that protesters will also wave a white flag and a picture of the recently deceased leader of the Cuban group Ladies in White, Laura Pollan.

Pollan's group included wives of political prisoners who advocated for their husbands' freedom.

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Ramon Saul Sanchez, president of Democracy Movement, told CNN that the demonstration is an act of solidarity "with the nonviolent movement on the island that advocates for democracy."

Cuba, however, sees it as a US-supported act of provocation.

Jose Luis Mendez, a columnist from the state-run website Cubadebate, called Democracy Movement a "terrorist and provocative organization," reported CNN.

He added that the protesters want to create tension between the US and Cuba. 

According to The AP, although US federal authorities met with the demonstrators to make sure they complied with US and international laws, the US Department of State said that they would still punish anyone who violated them.

"The United States government does not promote or encourage this activity," said spokesman William Ostick in a statement.

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