Gunmen kill ambulance driver in Mexico, 4 die


More murder comes to Ciudad Juarez.



An ambulance driver was killed on Wednesday in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexico border city that saw a massive uptick in violence as cartels compete for territory.  

Gunmen ambushed the ambulance by crashing into it.

They then shot the driver through the head, killed two patients and a woman who was riding with them. 

Officials think that the driver was the target of the killing, but they have no motive.

Do they ever?

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President Felipe Calderon says that most victims of the drug war have a tie to the drug war. That might make sense... if the tie is that all the victims live in Mexico, where the drug war is being fought. 

And yes, per the AP:

Authorities reported six other slayings Wednesday in addition to the ambulance attack.

There were about 3,100 murders in Ciudad Juarez last year. 

Paramedics in Mexico tend to end up in the line of fire. Watch below for more on what it's like to walk in their shoes: