European soccer: money can't buy happiness


It takes more than money to win: Manchester United players headed by Wayne Rooney leave field after defeat last night against FC Basel


Jamie McDonald

Back in October, I reported on how billionaires were taking over England's Premier League, the most watched soccer league in the world. The article focused on how Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi had pumped billions into also-ran Manchester City in an attempt to take-over English soccer from cross-town rivals Manchester United own by the American billionaire Glazer family.

Last night money got its come-uppance as United and City were both knocked out of the European Champions' League, the most lucrative annual competition in the world.

Two London teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, are still in it to win it.  Like Nick Hornby, I am an Arsenal supporter who lives close to their stadium. The schadenfreude in my neighborhood this morning tastes wonderful.